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Observing Hindi Week & Fortnight celebrations at SDTC Kochi from 14th to 27th Septemeber 2017.

Hindi Competitions on behalf of Hindi fortnight celebrations at SDTC Kochi commenced from 18th September 2017 onwards.

India's move towards a Cashless Economy
Digital India, Power to Empower
NIC Cloud Computing Services NIC Cloud Services, Platform for Citizen Engagement towards Good Governance
Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
NIC SMS Policy

E Mail Policy Guidelines:
  • For Email Subscription, furnish the online application referring the URL: Online Subscription Forms .
  • For PSUs/Semi Government organisations, email ids are created under paid category. It is roughly 950+ tax for 5 years.
  • For GEM portal email creation, the PSUs has to apply through “Gem User Subscription” link from Government users apply through normal single/bulk subscription links.
  • Service desk queries regarding, activation of email ids, mobile number updation, IMAP enabling etc can be closed by forwarding as external mail to respective co-ordinator.
  • For Forgot password queries “password-reset” attachment may be send.
  • Refer GoI E-Mail Policy


    • Identify at least two e-Gov projects per year and complete productization
    • Create Skill sets for Product Training and Related Services
    • Establish State-of-the art Data Centre to act as Business Continuity Centre and improved NOC
    • Provide reliable high-speed digital connectivity to NICNET
    • Establish the NKN Network facilities at SDTC Kochi
    • Training on Industry Standards and e-Gov Standards
    • Development of Coding Standards for JAVA / Open Source and .NET Platforms
    • Strive continuously to enhance the quality of services
    • Evolve the Centre into a self-sustaining Profit Centre
    • Establish Industry / Academic Collaboration
    • Skill Development Programmes through IIM, Universities and Institutions with Academic Excellence
    • Skill Development Programmes through industry partners
    • Creation of Training Calendar for Skill Development Programmes
    • Creation of Training Calendar for Product based Training
    • Student Projects through NIC Training Division