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Swachchta Pakhwada observed in NIC from 1st to 15th February 2018. All the employees administered pledge on behalf of the event.

CUSAT-CAT Online Registration is scheduled to commence from 7th Feb 2018.

Coir Board Showroom Sales Management System presentation and training given to Hon. Minister Giriraj Singh at Manager's conclave-2018 held at Trivandrum on 8th Jan 2018. Inaguration of Showroom package held during Trivandrum Showroom Inaguration ceremony on 9th Jan 2018.

India's move towards a Cashless Economy
Digital India, Power to Empower
NIC Cloud Computing Services NIC Cloud Services, Platform for Citizen Engagement towards Good Governance
Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
NIC SMS Policy

E Mail Policy Guidelines:
  • For Email Subscription, furnish the online application referring the URL: Online Subscription Forms .
  • For PSUs/Semi Government organisations, email ids are created under paid category. It is roughly 950+ tax for 5 years.
  • For GEM portal email creation, PSUs may apply using Gem User Subscription link and Government users have to apply through normal single/bulk subscription form.

  • Refer GoI E-Mail Policy

    The Roles and Responsibilities of SD & TC could be the following activities:

    1. National Projects – Modules of National Mission Mode Projects (MMPs), State MMPs and District MMPs could be entrusted to SD &TC. Newly identified national or state MMPs or other e-Gov projects could be assigned to SD & TCs
    2. Identification of Successful e-Gov projects and MMPs at States so that these projects could be generalized and productized brining out baskets of e-Gov Products and services which could be replicated in other states by the respective state units and district units.
    3. Successful District level e-GOV and MMPs may be productized and provide to various states and districts for replication
    4. Related projects / modules, under various identified domains from across projects, may be productized and brought out as full-fledged e-Gov product for replication in other states.
    5. Products and Services (which are successful e-Gov projects in India) available with SD & TC and APPSSTORE will be made available to International Cooperation Division (ICD) for other countries so that ICD could front-end and market such products and services
    6. Potential products and services as identified by International Cooperation Division may be assigned to various SD & TCs for expedited productization and customization.
    7. Localized ICT based Software Design and Development for identified Central, State or Public Sector Departments
    8. SDTC Kochi has been identified as the regional coordinator for the implementation of GIGW guidelines in all the southern states to ensure the compliance of GIGW in all Government Websites.
    9. SDTC Kochi is also the regional coordinator for OGD initiatives in the southern region.