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Aarogya Setu - NIC eGov Mobile Apps<
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The Online Software Quality Test was conducted at NIC-SDTC, Kochi for all NIC S&T officials up to the level of Scientist-E working in the Central Projects in Ernakulam and SDTC, Kochi on 24 January 2020.

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Domain Name Registration

NIC is providing web hosting services to various Indian Government Ministries/Departments/ Organisations/ Institutions as well as State Government Departments and District Administrations in GOV.IN Domains. The web hosting services are also extended on the other country level domains like .IN, AC.IN, ORG.IN

NIC is the exclusive registrar for the GOV.IN Domain names. The use of GOV.IN Domain is restricted to the constituents of Indian Government at various levels right from Central, State / UT, District & Sub-District. Please visit the site and follow the procedures to register a domain name under GOV.IN.

At present, the domain Name Registrations / Renewals under GOV.IN is offered as free of charges. The procedures and other details of Domain Name registration can be obtained from the above mentioned web site. The domain names are also registered only for certain periods like one year/ two years. It has to be renewed after that period by following the necessary procedures.

The domain Name Registration has to be done prior to Web Site Hosting. The concerned user department is responsible for Registering / Renewing the Domain Names with the Registrar.

Cloud Hosting

About MeghRaj Cloud

In order to utilise and harness the benefits of Cloud Computing, Government of India has embarked upon an ambitious initiative - "GI Cloud" which has been named as 'MeghRaj'. The focus of this initiative is to accelerate delivery of e-services in the country while optimizing ICT spending of the Government. This will ensure optimum utilization of the infrastructure and speed up the development and deployment of eGov applications. The architectural vision of GI Cloud encompasses a set of discrete cloud computing environments spread across multiple locations, built on existing or new (augmented) infrastructure, following a set of common protocols, guidelines and standards issued by the Government of India. Two Policy reports viz., "GI Cloud Strategic Direction Paper" and "GI Cloud Adoption and Implementation Roadmap" have been prepared by DeitY. The reports are available at: for download.

NIC National Cloud Services are presently available for Government Organizations and Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs)./

How to Apply

User would be required to provide basic details in 'Get NIC Cloud Services' window of this portal. The required to be entered are as follows:

Department Name Contact Person's Name Designation Email and Mobile Number Once these details are successfully submitted, Applicant will receive an acknowledgement mail immediately on the email id provided. Subsequent process can be followed from : .

Web Hosting Registration

NIC has setup a huge web hosting infrastructure in its state-of-the-art IDC (Internet Data Centre) which includes a large number of performance tuned, hi-end and secured servers connected to a state-of-the-art SAN (Storage Area Network). The Data Centre is connected to Internet on a high speed/bandwidth (4 gbps).

Network load balancing and clustering solutions are also implemented on the infrastructure to effectively manage the heavy load on the websites / portals during peakhours and to ensure a high degree of availability and performance.

Hosting Platform:

Web Hosting services are offered on Open Source & Windows Platforms and the servers are powered with the state-of-the-art web technologies such as Perl, PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, and Servlet etc.. All popular Databases like MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle & PostgreSQL are also supported.

Technologies Supported
Web Application
IIS 6.0, IIS 7.5
ASP, ASP.Net (Framework 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0)
jQuery 1.10.2
Web Services
Reporting Service
SQL Reporting
SQL server 2005/ SQL Server 2008/SQLServer 2012 based Reporting Services
SQL server
SQL server 2005/ SQL Server 2008/SQLServer 2012
Oracle 10g / Oracle 11i

Technologies Supported
Web Application
Apache (2.2.15) , Tomcat (6) & jboss (5,6)
PHP (5.3.3), Perl (5.10.1), Java Version 1.6.2 gcj (open JDK)
Andriod / iPhone Apps
PostgreSQL 8.4.9 / PostgreSQL 9.0 / PostgreSQL 9.2.4
Oracle 10g / Oracle 11i

For more details on Web Hosting procedures & charges, kindly go through the web hosting document.

Remote Updation / Maintenance

We provide you the facility to update and maintain your site at your own will, sitting at a remote location through a highly secure remote updation facility i.e FTP over VPN. Presently it is a free of cost service.

The complete step-wise procedure for a Website Owner to have VPN and FTP account for Remote updation/Maintenance is given below:

  1. Obtain a VPN connection/account: In order to apply for VPN, Fill the VPN form.
  2. Submit the filled VPN form to your concerned NIC Web Coordinator(julie.rz[at]nic[dot]in).
  3. The Web Coordinator will forward the same to the NIC VPN group.
  4. You will recieve VPN account details from VPN Group and necessary guidelines/instructions to setup and install necessary software for VPN connectivity.
  5. After the successfull setup, please get the FTP details from the concerned Web coordinator.

To know more about NIC VPN Services visit the website

Staging Account & Security Auditing

Staging server is a replica of the server where your site will be hosted for testing. The site has to be first uploaded and tested on staging server before it is launched on the production server. If you already have a staging server account you can use the same for uploading and testing your site. For acquiring an account in the staging server, please contact the web coordinator.

Once the site is tested successfully on Staging Server, it has to undergo a mandatory security audit before it is hosted on the production server. The Security auditing service is being offered free of cost by NIC to all its users and further details of the same are available at:

In case any Third party audits your website/web application, then to host your Website in the NIC Server please contact Web Coordinator with security Audit clearance Certificate, Report & Contents.

Value Added Services

Application Integration

NIC facilitates application Integration with the most advanced mechanisms to secure the applications using Barcode, RFId, SMS, DSC, FingerPrint, Aadhar linking, Watermarking, etc.

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

NIC issues Digital Signature Certificates for Government Departments and Public Sector Organizations. NIC Certifying Authority (NICCA) is the official body responsible for the issuance and maintenance of Digital Certificates for usage within the Government of India domain.

(Concerned website : )

Publishing Tenders

Publication of tender is free-of-charge as on date. Offices/Organisations under the Central/State/UT Government should contact the NIC Coordinator in the concerned State/UT. Tenders published on are also reflected on CPPP ( This tenders portal is meant for publication of tenders of all Government Departments/Organisations/Offices only and owning email account is a must to request for the tender account. For Publishing Tenders in the website, the following application forms may be used for requesting a tender publication account:

Public Sector Units/Public Sector Banks click here to download the form.

Other Organisations/Institutions click here to download the form.

(Concerned website : )

Web Cast

With the advent of high end streaming media technology, the concept of doing live/on-demand webcast has gained popularity like never before.

(Concerned website : )

Website Traffic Analysis

It is important to know how many visitors your site attracts and from which parts of the world. We provide a detailed hit-analysis of your site which helps you in developing effective strategies for future. Please submit a request to enable Traffic Analysis services for your website. You will be receiving a mail with the user id and password details.

(Concerned website : )

Search Facility

We facilitate a comprehensive and powerful search facility on your website to help the visitors locate the desired information quickly.

A local site search facility can be incorporated in your web site to help visitors find the information they are looking for. This search facility not only allows the visitor to search HTML Documents, but also allows them to search wide variety of documents including PDF. The visitors can use simple keyword searches as well as sophisticated, multipart queries that include phrases.

Adding a Site in GOI Directory

GOI Directory is a one-of-its kind comprehensive collection of links to web sites of various Government of India entities such as ministries, departments, States/UTs, districts, organisations, institutions etc. at all levels. It is regularly updated to include new links and offers facilities to suggest new sites, send feedback and search through the complete content of all the linked sites. It serves as a single window for all e-information of Indian Government.

Web Coordinator Details

All the web service requests should be routed through the web coordinator concerned.

Contact Details:

The Web Coordinator,
NIC, SDTC Kochi,
Third Floor, A - Block,
Kendriya Bhavan, CSEZ P.O.,
Kochi, Kerala - 682 037
E-mail: Web coordinator(julie.rz[at]nic[dot]in)

Phone :- 0484 - 2423769, 2425088